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Hosting Options and Price

Project Hosting can host your project on our Web site for you, providing your team with one centralized location to access and share project information, anytime, anywhere. is hosted on a high availability server with redundant components and with a high-speed fiber connection to the internet. The system is backed up, maintained, and upgraded on nearly a continuous basis.

I want to subscribe to and start a
new project.
I already subscribe to and wish to
add a project.

  • Full access to™ standard features (not iiCollector mobile data collector)
  • Standard reporting for™
  • Integrated online help system
  • Bug reporting and resolution
  • Custom support at $120 per hour, billed in quarter hour segments
  • Ability to invoice thru PayPal
  • Single User
  • Single Project
  • Up to 1 GB of file storage
  • Click to see features
  • Your credit card will be charged the 1st business day of each month
  • $140 per project per month
    - - Gold with iiCollector
  • All of the features included with Gold, plus:
  • Full access to™ along with iiCollector
  • Standard reporting for both™ and iiCollector
  • User Manual
  • $200 per project per month
    - -
    Contact us for quotes on the following:
  • Multiple projects
  • Multiple users
  • More than 1GB of file storage
  • Custom interface
  • Co-branded website
  • Custom reporting
  • Custom training
  • Engineering Analysis Support
  • Ability to invoice thru PayPal or in a lump sum manner, depending on what is desired for budget purposes
  • $200 per project per month
    - -
    Technical Support on a per Instance Basis $120.00 per hour billed in quarter hour increments
    - -
    Additional Archiving CD Requests $50 per request
    - -
    Training is very easy to use, however, we can provide training, if desired. Call for details.

    Why Rent, When You Can Own?

    Host your own Web site. can be installed on your company's own Web server and maintained by your IT staff. This allows the Web site to be more easily customized to fit your needs and you controlling your project information.

    License Fee, Set-up and Training Call or Email for Pricing
    1-800-486-1959 (toll-free)
    614-823-4949 (international)